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Starr King K-8 School combines a challenging academic program with civic responsibility. The academic program provides for the needs of high achievers as well as modifications and accommodations to assist students with specific learning needs.

At Starr King K-8 School, each student is valued.  Our staff understands that each student responds differently to a particular stimuli,therefore our teachers reach students through a variety of effective research based strategies. 

Starr King K-8 School shares a multi-site facility with the Ralph Richardson Center for orthopedically handicapped students. Due to its unique campus, Starr King K-8 School has a close-knit, friendly environment.

Starr King K-8 School is a PBIS school (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) that emphasizes and reinforces three school rules:  Be Respectful, responsible, and Safe.

Some of the specific programs and activities offered at Starr King K-8 School include:
  • Students are expected to problem solve and think critically,collaborate and lead amongst their peers, adapt to change and take initiative in their learning, communicate effectively through both writing and speech, access and analyze information, and invoke their curiosity and imagination.  
  • Starr King implements a Comprehensive Balanced Literacy (CBL) model which provides research-based instructional practices that develop the skills and strategies within each child that will allow them to problem solve effectively and become reflective critical and analytical readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers.  
  • Starr King focuses on developing foundational reading skills and comprehension of text.
  • Starr King staff is highly trained and certificated in Guided Language Acquisition Design.
  • Instruction is differentiated to fit unique needs of each and every student. 
  • At Starr King K-8, students will learn to work effectively and collaboratively with a diverse group of peers.
  • Starr King K-8 integrates technology into instruction.  
    • We have Apple Macbook computers, several chromebook computer carts, and an iPad cart that can be used in classrooms.  
  • Starr King offers an enriching program which includes physical education, art, music, and English language development. 
  • Each day starts on a positive note with a video broadcast informing students and staff of upcoming events and teaching character education.
  • Starr King has a beautiful library, where students can go to enjoy reading.  
  • Starr King Physical Education students exceed in the SJUSD Standards on the State Fitnessgram assessments.
  • All rooms in the school are connected to the Internet allowing staff to communicate with the district, the school administration, peers, parents, and students. Each room has a teacher workstation with a computer, LCD projector and a document camera.  Many classrooms on campus are equipped with a Promethean interactive white board as well.

Last Modified on February 28, 2023